The Intag Cloud Forest Reserve is perfect for hiking and birding near Otavalo, Ecuador. It is located on the very biodiverse western slopes of Ecuador’s Western Andes, about 2.5 hours from Otavalo. The Intag area is still rich in primary cloud forests, and alive with rushing white-water streams and rivers, and small towns and villages. Our reserve straddles one of the Andes’ most biological divers elevations: 1800 to 2800 meters (6,000 to 9,000 ft) see what E.O Wilson has to say about this area in a letter to Carlos Zorrilla, by clicking here. This is part of Ecuador’s magnificent Andean cloud forest belt which is widely known for it’s incredible biodiversity.

We have been open since 1989 as an environmental education center, and living at this Reserve, since 1979. One of our first groups was from the School for International Training (based in Vermont), who take university students from all over the US for a semester abroad to Ecuador and many other parts of the world. 22 years later, we are still receiving SIT groups four times a year!

We also have received university groups from Drew University, Baldwin-Wallace College, University of Denver, Western State College of Colorado; Lewis and Clark University, and Western Kentucky University, among others, who stop at the reserve as part of their stay in Ecuador.

Groups are not limited from the US, however. We have received many students from Japan, as well as Europe. Really, they all share the love for the natural world, and an interest in its conservation.

Individuals or small groups can stay in the wooden cabin. The cabin has three bedrooms with two private bathrooms with hot showers. Contact Sandy at or rent it through  airbnb .

Yesterday I was running down the path to bathe in the waterfalls, and passing a pile of leaves they turned into butterflies and flew away. This is a magical place. Thank you for sharing it.

Katherine Chriton
Brunswick, ME